Hills of Glory 3D carries on the fight on Steam

London, United Kingdom – June 12th, 2015

With 4 million downloads worldwide, the war machine developed by AMA and Mando Productions launches the assault on Steam with the help of Plug in Digital!

Discover or rediscover this 3D humorous tower defence game set in a World War II background with a fully adapted gameplay for PC. Steam Summer Sale is coming at the right moment with a 15% discount to promote Hills of Glory 3D at 4,24€.

Hills of Glory 3D is the unique WW2 action game which mixes stunning 3D graphics with a large amount of humour derived from its references to famous war movies. The game will please both hard-core gamers, with its real arsenal (rifle, flame-thrower or mortar), and casual players, with its easy-to-master gameplay. Since its first release in 2013 on Android, the game also landed on the AppStore, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and won the Best Game for Mobile and Handheld Console Award at the Game Paris Awards 2013.

Land in Italy, fight your way to Germany and awake your inner inglorious Rambo. Survive all the campaign’s missions or push your limits in the endless mode. Think strategically and destroy the key points of the battlefield to slow down the enemy progression!

Purchase it now and get to the front line, soldier!


Watch the trailer here: bit.ly/Xpk8es
Download the press kit here: bit.ly/1GwgRR5
Get the game here: bit.ly/1IGgA0t


About Mando Production
Mando Productions is a videogame developer and producer, based in Paris. Guided by an approach of editorial and technical quality, the original content of their games targets a large audience. Mando develops on all platforms available on the market, with a special focus on mobile phones.
Website: mandoproductions.com

About Plug in Digital
Plug in Digital offers publishing and/or distribution opportunities to video game creators. They provide turnkey solutions for worldwide distribution and trade marketing in order to support your games throughout their entire lifecycles. In relation with the main distribution platforms (e.g. Steam, Humble Bundle, Amazon, GOG, etc.) but also with retail and cloud gaming actors, they ensure an outstanding exposure and monetization of your products
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