Eye Sports brings a new level of fun for your Glass™

London, United Kingdom – July 17th, 2015
AMA is happy to announce the release of another Glass™ game, Eye Sports. The game is available worldwide to all Glass™ owners through the MyGlass website.

Eye Sports, the 2nd AMA game using Glassware features is a 4-in-1 sports game and includes archery, skeet shooting, fishing and curling. Each sport is designed to help users master the Glass™: head motion and acceleration to aim, touchpad gestures and voice controls to trigger actions. With impressive worlds and diverse gameplay modes each game leaves you wanting more.

Master your archery skills and shoot the targets while having limited arrows or time. Lock a target with just one tap, move your head to aim, swipe back to draw the bow and release to shoot. Choose the background you desire from urban or lakeside and achieve the best score in special conditions like 360° view or changing wind.

Like the real sport, in curling you have to slide the stones on the ice towards the target area and land them as close as possible to the center for more points. Look left or right to set the trajectory, tap to set launching power and swipe left or right to curl. Finish all 10 levels of curling through obstacles to unlock the versus mode.

Unwind after work and catch the best fish you can to fill your aquarium. Start fishing with a tap, swipe forward to cast your line and swipe backward to pull it. Play the two game modes in a unique 360° wild environment that changes every 6 hours to match the sunlight: the free play to complete your collection or the competition mode to catch the biggest fish with limited number of hooks.

Practice your skeet shooting on the city’s rooftops against magnificent urban landscapes. Pull the clay targets one after the other with your finger, move your head to aim at the targets and shoot them. Achieve the best possible score in just 10 shots in unique day and night environments.

Since AMA joined the Glass Explorer program in 2012 and received the few pairs available in France in 2013, the company has continued to test Glassware to maximize its features and design new games and apps that both respect Google’s guidelines and, most importantly, meet users’ expectations. Last summer, AMA released Sky Shooting, the 4th game launched worldwide on Glassware and the first one made in France and expanded its Glass™ development efforts into the medical field with products geared towards live surgery and telemedicine.

Play Eye Sports on your Glass™ anywhere you happen to be!

Get the game here