Babel Rising 3D soon to follow on Windows Phone

Good news for our Windows Phone fans! Babel Rising 3D was officially announced for Windows Phone 8 at Casual Connect in San Francisco.

During Casual Connect, AMA’s VP of Sales, Jean Francois Denis had a meeting with Windows Phone Central and presented AMA’s Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 titles.

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“We’re nearly done with our Casual Connect gaming coverage. At the San Francisco-based gaming industry event, I interviewed a number of Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers. One of the largest of those developers is Advanced Mobile Applications (AMA). Founded in 2004 and based in London, AMA is a sister company to Ubisoft, who publishes some of their games.

Today we look at two of those: the recently-released Hills of Glory 3D (also available for Windows 8) and the upcoming Babel Rising 3D. Yep, a new Windows Phone 8 version of Babel Rising 3D is coming. “

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