Townsmen 5

You are the respected leader of an order of robber barons. Oppressing poor settlers is your main activity since it makes you rich! However, an odd but good magician gets in your way and sets his cuddly dragons on your respectable hordes of knights. Erect buildings, e.g. farms, mines, taverns or castles and use your tax collector to guarantee the provision of your men and to expand your dominance! Use the magical skills of your wise druid and acquire powerful potions made from dragon’s blood, which will make you almost invincible in battle.


Game Features:
  • The unique buildup strategy series continues.
  • Slip into the role of a robber baron and oppress helpless settlers.
  • Collect taxes from your powerless subjects.
  • Fight against the good magician Celdron and his army of dragons.
  • Cuddly graphics in an adorable Iso 3D scenario.