Townsmen 4

The dark age has cast a spell over you! You find yourself in a small monastery, surrounded by pagan settlements and hostile monastic orders. Besides brewing and baking bread, it’s your daily task to convert as many souls as possible. You deal in sacred writings, say Masses and sometimes convince one or two townsmen by force of arms. This is the only way to recruit enough monks. With their manpower, you will lead the monastery to wealth and prestige. Step by step you acquire the necessary respect of your brothers. You need to economize wisely and deliver the necessary spiritual assistance to the residents of the settlements in order to be a successful leader. Build an empire, fight for every piece of land and protect the believers from the claws of the black monks! Never forget: faith alone can’t move mountains!


Game Features:
  • Medieval atmosphere in an isometric 3D-view.
  • Exciting campaign with up to 14 missions.
  • Acquire power and glory in the name of the brotherhood.
  • Proselytise adjacent settlements and recruit monks.