Discover an abstract and exciting board game in which you can only defeat your opponent by taking risks or setting traps at each turn!

With 1 million units sold in 40 countries, Quarto® is one of the most prized games worldwide! Winning is child’s play: align 4 pieces that share at least one common feature to proclaim “Quarto”!

The 16 pieces that make up the set are unique and have 4 distinct characteristics: tall or small, round or square, light or dark, and solid or hollow. However, don’t expect to move any pawn you like; your opponent picks it for you! Force him to select the piece that will lead you to victory, because every round can turn the game upside down.

In comparison with the physical edition of the game, discover the disconcerting joker and blocking pieces, the frightful time trial and expert modes, and even forced win rules in challenges. Challenge the entire world to intense online games and climb up the international leaderboards!

Ready, steady, Quarto!


Game Features:
  • 10 challenge levels to try out the game (4 will be added through updates).
  • Multiplayer mode: play with friends on the same device or challenge other players online.
  • Exciting gameplay modes: expert mode, new blocking and joker pieces, forced win rules.