PianoMan Standard

PianoMan Standard is a music game that can be played by anyone who wants to learn piano the fun and easy way on smartphone. The PianoMan’s Standard Edition includes thirty famous folk music declined through six themes: “Bridal Selection”, “English Folks Songs”, “German Folks Songs” , “American Folk Songs”, “Christmas Selection” and “Hymns”. A large repertory that will introduce neophytes to the folk music of our childhood and will also captivate the most experimented ones. The game interface, very intuitive, is accessible to all. The gameplay of PianoMan consists on banging on the piano keys virtual according to the timing of color balls that scroll across the screen. The player must press the piano keys when the colored balls fall into holes corresponding to the keys. More the timing is precise, more the score is high. At the end of the game, the player can consult the score obtained (percentage of success) as well as an evaluation of his performance on the result screen.


Game Features:
  • 30 Great Standard songs.
  • Virtual piano keyboard (5 keys).
  • A step-sequence mode.
  • 3 difficulty levels (Slow, Normal, Fast).