Love: test me

What kind of lover are you? Take the tests!

“To love and be loved” is a legitimate and universal desire
Whether you are single or in a relationship, you need to know:
How seductive you are,
if you are a good kisser,
whether or not your jealousy is justified,
if your relationship will last?

In short
Love: Test me will help you
Thanks to its great variety, to find a soul mate or learn to love them better.
And, above all, you will be entertained for a long time to come with new tests each week.

What are you waiting for? Love: Test me!

At this festive time, we have prepared some tailor-made tests:
Judge for yourself!
What type of present is perfect for your partner?
And, for singletons, find out your chances of starting the new year in a couple.


Game Features:
  • One test each day.
  • New tests each week.
  • Back catalogue of varied tests.
  • Themes for everyone: Singles & Couples.
  • Event themes: New Year, Valentine’s Day, Celebrity Tests, etc.
  • Rewards: 10 hearts for completing a test and lottery, which also helps me to earn hearts.
  • A calculator which reveals your best compatibility.
  • The ability to share my results via Twitter, SMS and Facebook.