Love Test Calculator Halloween Edition

Can you and your lover make the perfect Halloween couple?

Love has no bounds; it goes beyond the beautiful and bright… Take the 3 Halloween tests and find out which Halloween characters best define your relationship.

Have you ever wondered what kind of “Halloween” couple you are? A pair of witches and wizards, or maybe vampires?

Would you be curious to know what is the true “Halloween” nature of your relationship? Ghostly or divine?

Need some help to decide which Halloween costume is right for you and your partner? Not anymore! Take the test and find out if you should choose a sober, colourful or mysterious costume.

Take the tests and the answers to all these “spooky” questions will be soon revealed.

You will have a lot of fun using the love test calculator to find out if he/she is your perfect Halloween match. You will see that testing your love compatibility has never been “creepier”, thanks to Love Test for Halloween.

You can have even more fun with your friends: share your results on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail and SMS.



Game Features:
  • A 60-question test on three themes (trust, happiness and affection).
  • Challenge your lover on your love story.
  • Is he/she going to leave you? Take the test and your answers will help you evaluate the quality of your relationship.
  • Tender words: to help you express your love and become more romantic.
  • Golden Rules: check out the essential 10 Golden Rules to perfect your relationship and make sure you follow it to the letter!