Love Test Calculator Deluxe

“I am sure that we could be more than just good friends…” How many times have you thought those words to yourself? Do you have feelings for one of your friends but don’t know how to tell them?

Have fun checking your compatibility with the Love Test Calculator Deluxe and find out the Secrets of Love employed by our brilliant and seductive love coaches, Daniel, Sophie, Pippa and Vincent.

Secrets of Love:

  • 4 levels of tests revealed by 4 different coaches who will help you to assess
    • your love profile
    • your chat up style
    • how solid is your relationship
    • your ability to nurture your romance
    • Take advantage of the coaches’ seduction advice at the end of each level
    • Seduction tips:
      • Where to go on your first date. And on your second.
      • How to break the ice at work or on campus. Flirt in an elevator…

Rest assured, you have chosen the best coaches. It’s your turn to master the art of seduction!


Game Features:
  • An innovative compatibility calculator via Facebook.
  • Choose the person with whom you want to check your compatibility directly from your friends list.
  • For more fun, you can even calculate the love connection between two friends on your Facebook list.
  • Love Test Calculator Deluxe goes even further to offer you a full seduction coaching service with Secrets of Love.