IQ Booster Logic

Test your smarts with the latest Logic edition of the successful IQ Booster!

Use the challenges broken down in 3 sections to find out how well you do at Logic teasers. You can test your Brain Speed, Math & Logic skills and Word Logic type of abilities, with 2 minigames per each section in a complete IQ Logic test! We’ll keep logs of your progress so you can see how well you do over time. You also get comprehensive detailed of your results per each Logic section. This way you can see what type of brain teasers you’re best at.


Game Features:
  • 4 levels of difficulty.
  • Interpretation of your IQ Logic test results.
  • Each mini-game has 20 different levels of gameplay.
  • Test your Brain-Logic, Math Logic and Word Logic.
  • A collection of 6 challenging mini-games.