Hills of Glory 3D

“Best mobile and hand-held console game” winner at Games Paris Awards 2013


Your country needs YOU!

It’s time to save Europe and make history! Land in Italy and fight your way to Germany to put an end to the War. With stunning 3D visuals, multi-touch control tactics, and hilarious nods to war movies, this is one war game you won’t want to miss!

Protect the bunker!
This is World War 2 tower defense at its best! Armed to the teeth, defend your bunker against waves of troops with a military arsenal at your disposal. Rifles, mortars, flamethrowers, air strikes – don’t hold back!

Fire on my command!
Step into the boots of a military strategist. Analyze the battlefield, destroy tactical points to slow your enemies’ assault, and prove yourself through an epic 21-mission campaign and Endless mode.

Earn your medals
Perform well on the battlefield to earn promotions with killer perks. Upgrade your arsenal and share your victorious high scores with your brothers in arms on Facebook.


Game Features:
  • World War 2 tower defense with a twist.
  • A full 21-mission campaign and Endless mode.
  • Intuitive multi-touch controls to launch your attacks.
  • Stunning 3D visuals and comical animations.
  • UNIVERSAL: Win the war on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.