Geek Resort

Create, customise and manage the ideal geek theme park!

If you’re a geek to the bottom of your BIOS and your pixels simply go OMG! for park creation, then Geek Resort is for you! Build and upgrade your attractions to create the best geek theme park, but be careful, “with great power comes great responsibility”! Manage your income and expenditure, hire staff, maintain your attractions and keep your park clean; because geeks do have high standards!

Stay vigilant, however, because a zombie invasion, hack attack or any random catastrophe may strike at any time!

Build a geek paradise to your own specifications, based on your favourite universes. Discover geeks in cosplay outfits, each more original than the last!
As a true geek, can you spot all the references in the game?!

Geek Resort, gotta catch’em all!

Coming soon:

  • Upcoming geek themes: horror.
  • About 20 more different geeks.

Game Features:
  • The first tycoon game mixing different geek cultures.
  • Many tributes and hidden references to the geek universe.
  • The whole park is customisable.
  • 5 different themes: Comic books, fantasy, technology, sci-fi and manga.
  • 37 different types of geeks to unlock within the themes.
  • Overcome challenges through catastrophic events and mini missions.
  • Invite your friends, give Geek Smiles and climb the leaderboard via social features.
  • Regular game content updates.
  • The Fabzat 3D print plugin to create your own geek figurines.