Dirty Soundbox

The Dirty Soundbox gives you 9 sounds to set off when and wherever you want.

What better way to get out of an embarrassing scrape or a sensitive situation than by letting off a loud fart? Everyone will have a laugh and any problems will soon be forgotten. What if your joke falls completely flat? Rectify the situation with the sound of a coughing fit, a good burp, or perhaps a huge splash in the toilet? Even the most serious teacher or boss won’t be able to resist a smirk… And finally don’t forget, if someone’s heart has been trampled on, a meal has turned into a disaster, or during any other stressful situation, break the tension with the sound of someone churning their guts out. Even if it doesn’t quite hit the right note, at least it’ll be funny!


Game Features:
  • 9 realistic sounds.
  • Funny and cute animations.
  • Time control function.