We are doing an amazing job!

We conceive, develop and publish mass market, interactive entertainment software for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and interactive televisions. Our products are increasingly “Free to Play” and distributed in all countries across the world.

Our consumer base is made up of the 6 billion mobile phone users, whom we currently target with a range of more than 200 games.

AMA is progressing very quickly within the market:

10 million downloads in 2012 as opposed to 2 million in 2011. Love Test and Babel Rising 3D have exceeded one and two million downloads, respectively, in just a few months.

We are now publishing three new products per month with a global rate of more than one million downloads per month.

AMA is also making rapid technological progress and will launch products for Google TV, Windows Phone 8 and the Android Ouya console later this year. Our goal is to produce and publish the best possible interactive entertainment products for increasingly demanding consumers. "

Christian Guillemot - AMA CEO

Building AMAzing apps
AMA is an independent interactive entertainment developer and publisher. Founded in 2004 by the Guillemot brothers, AMA is a sister company to Ubisoft, Gameloft, Guillemot Corporation and Longtail Studios. AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications) started as an independent developer and publisher of Lifestyle Games & Applications for mobile phones. AMA was the FIRST mobile game publisher to focus on bringing casual lifestyle games and apps to mobile. AMA's applications cover a wide range of lifestyle and entertainment genres such as: Love & Relationship, Party & Entertainment, Astrology, Health & Fitness, Fashion, and Brain Training. The company is based in London and the CEO is Christian Guillemot. The company has operational offices in Bucharest (Romania) and Rennes (France) and a sales office in San Diego (USA). Also, two partner studios, Mando Productions, in Paris (France) and Shinypix, in Bordeaux (France). Offices Distribution AMA Partners Careers